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to Craftsmanship

We understand that craftsmanship is the bridge between a great idea and a great product. At Quick Brown Fox, our designs are brought to life by some of India’s most skilled leather artisans. All our products are handcrafted, ensuring that the quality of each bit of material is checked as it is used and that everything fits together perfectly. And while quality and construction remain consistent, each handcrafted product is unique.

for Premium Leather

Quality is never an accident. It is the cumulative result of imagination, craftsmanship and carefully chosen raw materials. At Quick Brown Fox we work only with premium leathers – full grain leather that is mostly reserved for exports and seldom available locally. By insisting on the best quality of leather, we create accessories that will last a lifetime, yet age gracefully. Our products may over time develop a weathered, burnished look, with a soft sheen – otherwise known as a patina, a hallmark of high quality leather.

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